Featured Review- letter from a customer

Dear Julie and the Exceptional Furry Farm Staff,

I wanted you to know that our sweet and sassy Layla died last Wednesday. She stopped eating about 2 weeks ago, and unfortunately, we found a mass in her abdomen. She had a very peaceful death at our home, and she was surrounded by her family, Louis included. I wanted to thank you for always taking such excellent care of her, as well as Louis. Layla was our first baby, and I never felt comfortable boarding her until I found Furry Farm. I always knew she was in good hands, and I knew she was having a blast when I would drop her off with you. I was especially impressed with your compassion and generosity after Layla had her knee surgery, and you guys made adjustments to how you cared for her during her recovery.

I can never express how grateful I am to you, and the animals of Fredericksburg are so lucky to have you watching over them.
We have been in Boise since August, and we love it here. Most of the hiking trails here are "off leash" trails, so Louis man has been running like a wild man.

This picture is one of the last pictures we took of Layla. This is near a creek off of a trail, and Will carried her there since her knees were unstable. I think she looks so content.

Once again, thank you.

With much appreciation,

*Happy Customer*

Featured Review- letter from a customer

Good Morning, Furry Farm,

Attached are the updated vaccine records for Layla and Louis, and we're looking forward to seeing you on Monday - Wednesday of next week.

I also want you to know that our family is moving to Boise, Idaho as I've accepted a job out there. I can't even begin to express how thankful we are of the care you provided our Layla and Louis over these past several years. Before we found you, we NEVER boarded our dogs, but when I toured Furry Farm (this was back at the Brock Rd location), I immediately knew that our fur babies would be in excellent hands.

I was utmost impressed with your compassion and professionalism when you all provided excellent care after Layla had her knee surgery (and when we had to go out of town for family obligations). You even called to check on her after we were home! Julie, I will never forget that time when I was on call, Will was out of town, and you took our dogs into your own home because the snow/road conditions were too dangerous to drive to Brock Rd. WOW!

I will always recommend Furry Farm to friends, and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being so incredibly wonderful to our family and for loving our dogs like your own.

With so much love and gratitude,

*Happy Customer*

Featured Review- letter from a customer

Dear Julie and Furry Farm Staff-

As you probably know, on Saturday February 24th, we had to say good-bye to our precious Stella. We want to thank you for all your care of her over the past year. We are so glad we found you when you opened in Fredericksburg. While probably not the most active dog at Furry Farm, Stella enjoyed being there where she could hang out with her dog friends and each of you. Every morning on the way to drop her off, coming east on Route 3, she would start barking pretty much as soon as we crossed over I-95 and continued while we arrived. It was as if she was urging me on, saying "Hurry up!" She wanted to get there and fast!

Thank you for the special care and attention you gave her as she got sicker and her body was giving out these last few months. All of you and the dogs at Furry Farm were a ray of sunshine for her.

We wish you the best as you continue to take care of the dogs in Fredericksburg.

*Carol and Paul*

Featured Review- letter from a customer

To our friends at Furry Farm,

Heartfelt thanks to the entire Furry Farm staff for the loving care provided to our sweet Dakota!

Dakota loved Furry Farm! There was always someone who would play ball with her and playing ball was her life. She always came home happy and tired.

*Gary and Linda*

These people are wonderful. I feel comfortable leaving my dog there.

Tom D.

Thank you Julie and to your staff! Jax is exhausted from playing with friends for the past week. He was so well cared for while we were gone. I was a little worried about leaving him for the 1st time to go out of the country, but Julie emailed me a few times with pictures that Jax was having fun and how much they were enjoying having him. I could tell that Julie truly appreciated our business and loved Jax while we were gone. We will absolutely use Furry Farm again and would recommend this place to anyone.

Andrew F.

Our dogs always come back skinnier (and that's a good thing)! Lots of outdoor play time. Friendly staff.

Kristi W.

Julie and her staff make boarding my dog as great experience. When I pull in their driveway my dog becomes excited. She jumps out of the car and is ready to play!

Ted S.

If Luna could provide feedback in Yelp she would give Furry Farm one massive, drawn out tail wagging and one of her bug doggie smiles. Yes, she does smile!
I have a great kennel I take my dog to in MD but wanted a different place for a looong (7 week) work trip as the pooch need a lot of dog socializing and outside running around. A co-worker recommended the place and I went to check out the place and then Luna (black lab) spent 7 weeks there. It is a schlepp from DC - almost 2 hours with no traffic - but well worth the trip. They have a big outdoor area, broken up by size/temperament. I guess the best recommendation is Luna's behavior AFTER the stay... she is just herself, not traumatized, without manners... she did not gain any weight! The team loves dog and gave me a special "long-term" rate that made this a more affordable experience and another reason why the trip down to Culpepper is worth your while.... They even sent me photos of my dog while I was away. (-: I am happy to know Furry Farm exists so Luna does not overstay her welcome with friends.

Eva G.

My dog is old and small and can be scared and nippy but he survived the whole weekend without us and seemed so happy when I went to pick him up! He wasn't scared looking or mad or anything- he even went to see if the owner had anything for him before we left, just in case there was a treat I guess. I was really worried and stressed for many other reasons and in the end it was all for nothing! He was 100% happy as a clam when I got him- not even the usual yelling at me for leaving him all day- worn out but a happy tired! They were very understanding and accommodating about our situation of not knowing exactly when we could drop him off and they went over the instructions with me to make sure I knew that they knew I could leave him without being concerned he wouldn't get his meds (older dog=lots of medicine). The owner was nice the manager was great!
I highly recommend this place! It's where a dog can be a dog!

Jen C.

My dogs just got home from a 10 day stay at Furry Farm. They were well taken care of and more importantly loved while they were with Julie and her staff. You can tell that the root of this business is a true love of the dogs that stay there! My dogs are already looking forward to their next stay!!!

Liz K.

Julie is so sweet! My dog has pretty bad anxiety, but I left him at Furry Farms last summer for a week while I was on vacation and he seemed to do great! Just dropped him along with a second dog I just adopted off for the weekend while I go away. Highly recommend! Great, caring staff.

Jessica M.

•My four-legged babies LOVE Furry Farm and so do we! Our dogs do daycare three days a week with Julie and her awesome crew and we could not be happier. They are always excited to go and play their hearts out and we feel better knowing they aren't cooped up at home while we're forced to go to work. We haven't yet boarded overnight but I wouldn't dream of leaving our boys anywhere but on Furry Farm when we do! -5 Stars, Sara C.
They are so awesome! They keep you up to date with how your baby is doing all day! They even take pictures of them for you! Everyone who works there is just great and so easy to talk too! Highly recommend for doggy daycare and/or boarding!

Kaylie W.

My four-legged babies LOVE Furry Farm and so do we! Our dogs do daycare three days a week with Julie and her awesome crew and we could not be happier. They are always excited to go and play their hearts out and we feel better knowing they aren't cooped up at home while we're forced to go to work. We haven't yet boarded overnight but I wouldn't dream of leaving our boys anywhere but on Furry Farm when we do!

-Sara C.